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Migrating to Australia can be challenging. It can take
a long time and costs a lot of money.

So, you want to make sure the time and
money you invest gets you calling Australia “home”.

Trust me, I know it - I’ve been through it, too.

As a European migrant myself, I have walked a mile
in your shoes and feel your frustration.

In fact, it’s what first inspired me to become a migration agent!

I have been helping other expats move Down Under from 2015.
I am committed to help you successfully navigate 
your way to Australia
– finding the best and fairest way according to
your individual circumstances.

I want to help by offering a fully tailor made service to your needs.
I will personally take care of your visa application process from start to end
so you have the complete peace of mind knowing you are being looked after.

Check out how it works and start planning your new life in Australia!

Best wishes,
Director Migration Navigation.


If you are ready to start your Australian journey, complete the enquiry form. The more details you provide,
the better my initial (FREE) advice will be.


You receive an email from me with a ‘first glance’ visa assessment presenting your best option(s).


We organise your formal consultation (fee applies). We can meet in person or online, discuss your circumstances and options in detail, choose the best path, and plan your next steps.


To proceed with your visa application, you sign the client agreement.


Sit back and relax! Feel assured you are in experienced and competent hands. I will look after your application and let you get back to your #australiadreaming.



Lost in Australia’s Immigration System?
Let me safely Navigate you to Your New Home.

Migrating to a new country can seem like mission impossible. It doesn’t need to be.
Australia’s immigration system is complex and is always changing.
Let me guide you to the right visa.
I will prepare your application forms, check your
evidence and paperwork, and keep an eye on your deadlines,
so you can get back to planning your new life Down Under – stress free!

Out of experience, the most common visa services I can help you with include:

Family Visa

Family Visa

Family visas are designed for people who want to join their relatives in Australia. You must be sponsored by your AU citizen, permanent resident or NZ citizen relative- partner, parent or child.

Graduate Visa

Graduate Visa

Visa available to recent graduates who studied 2 years at a university or special vocational course in Australia.
Visas can be valid for 18 months and up to 4 years.


Sponsored Visa

Sponsored Visa

Visa program designed to fill genuine skills shortages in Australia. Lists of skilled occupations apply.
Include temporary and permanent opportunities.


Skilled Visa

Skilled Visa

This option requires an occupation from the list of skilled occupations that are in a demand in Australia. Skills assessment is required, and you will need to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) which is based on a points test.

Business Visa

Business Visa

Business visas are available for overseas business owners who are interested in starting a business or investing in Australia. You need to be nominated by a state or territory government to apply for this visa.




Permanent residency holders can stay in Australia indefinitely. When you meet certain requirements, you can apply for your Australian citizenship – to call yourself, fully and truly, an Aussie (Oi Oi Oi !!!)


As Australia’s visa requirements change frequently, I have tried to keep the information on my website simple, easy to read and consistent. For more detailed information please contact me and remember that information can always be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.


Nico - Spain

I am very happy with the personal and professional treatment I received and I really feel confident in letting migration navigation sorting out anything related to my visa situation. Thanks!

Céline - France

A month ago I had my TSS visa thanks to Migration Navigation. They were very efficient. I strongly recommend you to contact them if you want to apply for a visa. They will always find a solution to help you.

Anna - Russia

Just want to thank Hanna and her office for a very fast work and helping with my visa! I had no time at all to put documents through, but we still made it and I got my visa on time! Thanks again!

Danielle Norton-Smith - Australian employer

Recently I worked with Hanna from Migration Navigation on a very tricky VISA application and I have to say that whilst the process was challenging at times, Hanna was exceptionally knowledgeable, honest and committed to ensuring we got all of the details right so we would end up with the right outcome. Which is exactly what happened. I would highly recommend Hanna as she made this very interesting journey far easier based on her ability and experience.

Sonja - South Africa

Hanna gave great advise on whom to contact for student visa support and was incredibly knowledgeable I can highly recommend her services.

Juliana - Brazil

Great service!

Kristian - Mexico

Excellent service provided by Hanna. Her on spot guidance, attention to details and care for my case and my application made my visa process simple.

Deepak - India

I am really excited and happy. Thank you so much MIGRATION NAVIGATION for all your help with my 190 permanent visa!!! Hannah made me stress free and took away my worries, also you helped me explain each stages of 457 then 190visa and partner visa process. You are very professional and at the same time easy to communicate with. The personalised services made me feel special and cared about. I am very happy that me and my wife are together and start a new life ! Thank you for being patient with me and my many many questions and your prompt replies. I appreciate all you have done and would certainly recommend you to everyone I know.

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